JCC Enterprises Ltd




Your local service station, J.C.C. Enterprises Limited has been providing fuel and petroleum products and automotive supplies for several years. Based near a very busy traffic zone on the outskirts of Ghaxaq, this well-established family-run business aims to be the premier source of fuel and petroleum requirements for all its regular customers and anybody passing through.




J.C.C. Enterprises Limited supplies fuel products efficiently through an effective use of technology. Expertise allows the station to safely handle the supply of a range of petroleum products including unleaded petrol, diesel, and bio diesel.


All customers demand reliability in good quality fuel and related products at competitive prices with the utmost upkeep of sustainable environmental responsibility. Our repeat clients are proof that our high grade products and superior service with a smile, really work. With the inclusion of a new car wash service, J.C.C. Enterprises Limited is certainly the most reliable supplier of petroleum products.

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